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Q My bum is huge!

Consider a tie side – less fabric across the hips gives the illusion of a smaller bum and has the added benefit of making legs appear longer.

RUMPUS TIP :Tie Sides are also adjustable and leave you with fewer tan lines.

Hate tie sides? Opt for a standard brief with a slimmer side…sometimes less is more

 Philippa – Rumpus Resort


We have heard all the questions & complaints… Luckily we have the answers!


Q I’m too long in the body for a swimsuit

If you really dont want a bikini, go up a size in your swimsuit, bigger size = more fabric, simple!

Q I have stretch marks

Rumpus is run by women, we feel your pain, try a sexy swimsuit instead of a bikini or for more coverage opt for a stunning cover up

Q I have a C-Section Scar

Cut away swimsuits are just as sexy as bikinis, if you prefer a bikini, opt for a standard brief which have a higher rise than a hipster brief

Q I’m too old for a bikini

….Nonsense! You just need the correct fit in a great shape and consider your skin tone and hair colour…it really makes a difference.

RUMPUS TIP Don’t hide away in black, it can look harsh, colour looks fab in the sunshine

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